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A single investment for a lifetime of benefits.
A collaborative experience from beginning to end.


Building or renovating as a homeowner, builder, designer or architect? Bring your design to our showroom to experience your build project in Lifesize before building starts. This will give you confidence that the size, layout, flow and functionality of your build is what you envisioned.

We work with homeowners, self-builders, architects, builders, interior designers, landscape designers and more.


Designing, building or managing a large-scale construction project? We are fast becoming an integral part of the design process, delivering value through this streamlined workflow, demonstrated by our successful collaborations with a variety of clients:

  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Landscape architects
  • Developers
  • Main Contractors 
  • Government bodies 

Have everyone on the same page by bringing your stakeholders, construction and design team to our collaborative showroom to experience your project in Lifesize.

Sales & Networking Events

Looking for an event space in a truley unique environment?

  • Product Launches
  • Property Development Seminars
  • Networking Event
  • Team Building
  • Tender Presentations
  • Sales & Education Seminars

We provide a fully immersive experience for your guests in our 6000 sq. ft. state of the art facility. We have over 3000sq ft of floor projection and 1350 sq.ft of wall projection.

We have a welcoming reception room with tea and coffee facilities and a bright and airy meeting room with built in video bar and Clickshare facilities.


Design it.

Collaborate with your team of builders, designers, architects and stakeholders to create your design.

Experience it.

Come into our showroom to project your plan at 1:1 scale and experience your project in Lifesize.

Build it.

Done! You can now start building your new project with confidence

Let's Make Sure Your Plans Are Perfect

Walk through your plans at lifesize scale, use our moveable furniture and wall props so you can get your plans right, avoiding costly mid-construction changes, so you can build your perfect design with confidence.