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Our Story

Where did the idea come from?

The idea for the business came about after husband and wife, John and Emma, hit a snag with their own renovation project and, when Emma could not fully visualise the planned extension to their home, John went in search of something that would give them a ‘to scale’ idea of the finished project – and found that such a thing did not exist in Ireland. This led him to discover an Australian company, Lifesize Plans, that fulfilled the exact need and they decided to franchise the business exclusively in Ireland.

The duo started the family business with Emma’s father, John at the end of 2022 and carried out significant renovations as part of the hi-tec fit-out of the custom showroom in early 2023.

With over 20 years experience in the construction industry John had seen first hand the implications of on site changes and felt this service was somethig that could benefit both the residential and commercial market.

Lifesize Plans Leinster – Panasonic Case Study

We partnered with Think PM and Panasonic to develop an AV solution for our high – tech showroom fitout. Here we discuss the project with some of the key stake holders who made it all possible.