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Turrell Building Collaboration


We have been collaborating with Turrell Designs and their clients at our showroom in Auburn, as part of their design process where their clients come and experience their new space on a 1:1 full scale.

This helps Neil and the team at Turrell Designs with any changes ensuring that the home is exactly how their clients have envisioned it.

Do you have clients that feel anxious about their upcoming build? By bringing them to Lifesize Plans, and walking them through their plan, you can ensure that they are 100% comfortable with their dream home.

Enquire about our partner rates through our website.

Design it, Experience It, Build it.

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Walkthrough your plans at lifesize scale, use our moveable furniture and wall props so you can get your plans right, avoiding costly mid-construction changes, so you can have just what you imagined.

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