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Builders Collapsing

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Each day is delivering a new article of the increased cadence of builders collapsing. Resulting in broken dreams for countess companies, staff, creditors, and consumers.

Spending many years in the Homeowners Warranty Repair space running a building company who specialised in picking up the pieces, I am very nervous for what the next months will bring.

In times like this previously, I would be mobilising teams to try and pick up the pieces for claims that were salvageable and try to restore the dream for the consumer.

Now I keep asking myself, how can I help ‘prevent’ this potential onslaught?

The more I reflect and speak with our clients the more I realise the potential value of the Lifesize Plans offering in these difficult times.

We have started to see builders, designers, investors, and homeowners come to us to talk and open-up conversations. i.e., Walk through their designs and find strategies to remove some cost from their designs, collaborate on ways to deal with their increasing inflation and build costs, whilst still achieving their goal of building a great home.

If you or anyone you know are in stress (or can see issues on the horizon), please feel free to share/reach out to myself or the team.

From pre-approval to post slab, start a conversation -prevention is always better than cure.

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